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Rugby Balls

Claiming your free NFT

We've created the brand to celebrate the legends of our game, to build a community for rugby fans, and to give back for the benefit of our incredible sport that has created so many amazing memories.

We have worked with 25 international stars who have kindly agreed to promote Ruggerz NFT in exchange for their own player NFT card. 

Should players or agents wish to claim their player card, please get in touch.

Please note, we will undertake detailed validation to ensure that any players claiming their cards are legitimate.

Legal process and agreement form

We have worked with a focus group of international players from both hemispheres, past and present, along with NFT and legal specialist to create a fair value exchange for promotion of the collection.

So if you are keen to get involved please fill out the below form. 

To qualify:

  • you need to feature as one of the Ruggerz NFT player cards

  • You'll be one of the 275 selected (if you think you should be there, but aren't sure if you feature, please do enquire)

  • You will also be happy to help promote Ruggerz NFT


Please fill out the below form. 

Player claim form
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