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Experts Panel
  • What is Ruggerz NFT?
    Ruggerz NFT collection is a collection of hand drawn artworks which have been digitally enhanced to showcase the greatest, most iconic, transformative rugby players over the years. Rugby is a huge passion of the founding team, made up of amateur and professional players, Ryan and Charles.
  • What’s the benefit of owning a Ruggerz NFT?
    There are 5 main benefits. 1.) Become a part of the Ruggerz NFT community, a family of like minded rugby fans, players and investors. Join in on the discord for what we expect to become the worlds largest online rugby community. 2.) Own a piece of history; there are only 275 players featured, the best of the best, each player has either 5, 15, or 35 cards, you can own one of these, no more will be produced, they are rare and valuable. 3.) As a Ruggerz NFT owner, you join the ‘players lounge’ on the Discord forum where you can chat directly to players. 4.) They look great, it’s a genuine piece of artwork that has been drawn by hand, then digital enhanced, the world is moving digital, own a digital artwork. 5.) Financially we expect both the value of Polygon (the cryptocurrency you use to purchase) and the value of our cards substantially increasing over the next 2 years. This could be a very good financial investment. Plus you get to help contribute to a great cause in Pacific Rugby Players Welfare who get a 5% donation from our initial card minting sale.
  • How many Ruggerz NFTs cards are there?
    There are 275 players in total, and 9625 NFTs in total. Each star player card has 35 versions, each icon card 15 versions and hall of fame cards only have 5 versions.
  • Why invest in NFTs?
    Over the past 3 decades we’ve seen different types of booms. The introduction of the internet, many didn’t believe it would take off, many didn’t ‘get’ it. Then we saw that with Web 2.0 again, the idea of sharing things on ‘social media’, pictures of you, family and friends, it felt strange, ‘it won’t take off’. Look where we are now. Then cryptocurrency, ‘digital money’ that we cannot see or touch. It’s uncomfortable, it’s new, ‘it won’t take off’. Cryptocurrency has created literally overnight millionaires, even billionaires. It’s the future. NFTs are the latest boom that is in it’s infancy but will take off; if you get the right collection, a collection with passion, with backing, with community; entry Ruggerz NFT.
  • How did you choose the 275 players that feature?
    It was tough, very tough. Players were selected, they were dropped, then selected again. The chosen 275 (who will be released each fortnight) have been selected based on their impact on our game. From playing impact, creating memories, their characters and of course their skills.
  • What cryptocurrency do I need to have to purchase a Ruggerz NFT?
    We have chose Polygon (Matic) as our cryptocurrency. All Ruggerz NFT sales will be made in Polgyon. The main reason why, is that firstly we really believe in the Polygon team and value growth over the next few years, but more importantly, we believe it's the right coin for you. You won't have to pay large gas fees which has become common place with Ethereum. So if we can save you $200 - $300 in gas fees, that leaves you with more to put towards Ruggerz NFT cards ;-)
  • Can I sell my Ruggerz NFT card in the future?
    Absolutely, in fact, we encourage it. All NFT's can be put up for auction or sale, almost instantly the moment it's in your wallet, just list it on Opensea. The whole NFT market is full of people buying and selling NFTs. We have priced our NFT collection to drive mass uptake, but fully expect a large majority to treat this as an investment, a way in which to make money. So if you fancy cashing in, when your card has doubled in value, just list it on Opensea and hope for a big bid! Depending on the platform, there will likely be a 2.5% admin fee, and equally 10% royalty to Ruggerz NFT.
  • Why do you care so much about the Pacific Rugby Players Welfare?
    First and foremost, the Pacific Islands have created some of the greatest rugby memories, so for that, we owe them our gratitude. Founding director Charles Piutau harbours the ambition to take Tonga to glory at the World Cup, and the whole founding team have been deeply inspired by the Oceans apart documentary from Dan Leo. There is a huge disparity in the way these unions are treated, the pay and support they receive isn’t good enough. If we can help provide additional funds, that are correctly and carefully allocated to help current and future players, we feel we are doing our bit. 5% of all minting fees will go to the PRPW and we hope to run additional activity each year. Ultimately, Ruggerz want to give back to the community, grow our sport, and provide support to those that need it, and Pacific Rugby Players Welfare definitely need it.
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