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Stock Exchange

Is this a good investment?

We believe this is an excellent investment.  The earlier you invest, the higher the potential ROI as we envisage prices dramatically increasing over time.


First sale prices are low

This is a long term play. We want to build traction and  create the best community. We incentivise early adopters with lower card prices, they then increase aligning to card sales. 

2023 RWC

The interest and hype around rugby peaks during world cups. France 2023 is set to be the most competitive yet, some of the team might even be staring in it. We expect prices to increase steadily through to October 2023. 

History tells us crypto is a good investment.

We use cryptocurrency to purchase NFT assets,  as cryptocurrency value increases, so does the real value of your asset. We expect the NFT collection to increase in value too, so you can win both ways. 


The NFT and crypto market is volatile. There are opportunities to make millions. Teenagers are buying Lamborghinis with their profits.


However, there are also people who are losing their life savings. The wider market can easily fluctuate e.g. 25% in one day. We cannot control this so please only invest money you can afford to lose. 


With that said, we have big ambitions and believe this NFT range a great investment. We have unbelievable backing and engagement. With your support this will be huge. 


"In December 2020 Polygon was worth less than 0.02$
In December 2021 Polygon is worth over 1.50$
That is an increase of over 7,000%

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