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Pacific Rugby Players Welfare 

We have always set out with the ambition to make a difference, to grow our sport. This growth is focused around creating a more engaged community, and equally,  helping those that need help. 

Charles has grown up with love for Tonga, with the aspiration of becoming an All Black, arguably the best sporting team in history. He achieved his dream, but he now dreams to represent the country his brother captained on so many occasions. 

Ryan has spent the past 15 years following Samoa, watching them live at the rugby world cups in France, New Zealand, England and Japan. This leaves Fiji, one of the most incredible teams in world rugby. 

Despite creating some of the worlds most amazing superstars, there has always been an inequality on and off the field. With the latest regulations now enabling players to switch back to the country of their birth after a three year stand down, the on field side of things is starting to improve. However, off field is a different matter. 

Dan Leo created the incredible OCEANS APART: GREED, BETRAYAL & PACIFIC RUGBY, documentary which was both shocking and gripping in equal measure. 

Something needs to be done about the way in which Pacific Island teams are treated and run. Changes are happening, largely thanks to the efforts of Pacific Rugby Players Welfare. 

We want to help. We want to support. We want progress and we are sure you do too.

That is why we are donating 5% of all initial card minting sales to the PRPW. 

We also hope to get involved in raising awareness, helping with fund raising and other efforts. 

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